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  • 春节英语作文和翻译

    2020-10-03 16:12 admin



      The Spring Festival

      There are many festivals in China. Among them, I like the Spring Festival most.Not only because it’s the biggest festival in the year, but also because it’s a new beginning that brings hope to people and it’s time for family gathering.Before the festival, people come home no matter where they are.Usually, we have a big dinner on the New Year’s Eve. And then families sit together and share their lives or planes.Some will play games or hang out to have some fun.On the New Year’s Day, people get up early and say good words to anyone they meet.Children can get lucky money from relatives.In the following days, we will visit relative’s home and bring New Year’s wishes to them.In short, it’s a time for family gathering and all of us enjoy it.



      春节英语作文和翻译 2

      Chinese Spring Festival celebrating the end of winter and the warmth of spring. It began in the last day of the lunar year, end in the 15th day of lunar New Year, also is the Lantern Festival. During the Spring Festival, people use red lantern and Spring Festival couplets decorate a house, put on all kinds of colored clothes, often visit friends and relatives or together eat dumplings, fish, meat and other delicious food. The children are looking forward to receiving red envelope money, and together they play each other the fireworks, with happy. Street with dragon and lion dance and some other carnival activities, CCTV will held the grand Spring Festival gala.


      中华的春节庆祝冬天的竣事和温热春天的光降。它起头于夏历年的最后一天,竣事于夏历正月十五追逐梦想作文,也就是元宵节。在春节时代,人们用红灯笼和对联装饰屋子,穿上百般各样的彩色衣服,常常造访亲戚伴侣或聚在一路吃饺子、鱼、肉和其他甘旨的食品。孩子们盼愿着收到红包的压岁钱,他们一路放烟花,彼此玩的跟开心。年夜街上有舞龙、舞狮和其他一些狂欢勾当散文追逐梦想作文,中央电视台会进行昌大的春节联欢晚会。[春节英语作文和翻译 ]相干文章:

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