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    2020-09-29 15:44 admin


    Last Sunday my mum took me to the Yuexiu park. The park was very beautiful. The trees were green and there were so many colorful flowers.

    First I went to fly a kite. I flew very very high, my mum saw my kite and said I flew it very well and I was so happy.

    Next I rode my bike. I could ride really fast. After a while, my sister and I had a bike riding competition. I rode much faster than her, so I won the game. My sister asked why I rode so fast. I told her it’s because I ride my bike every day. My sister said she would start riding her bike every day too.

    Finally I sat on the bench and drank my cola. The cola was sweet and cold. It was very nice.

    In the evening, we went to the restaurant and had a big meal.

    I was very happy. Because I had a great time at the park.

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