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    Elephant. It is the reason that the nostrils are tender and tender. It's like worms fear into the nostrils, so when it sleeps, always put the nose up high, sometimes simply put the nose into the mouth gently with.

    Dog. When you go to bed, you always keep one ear close to the ground. This is because the ground sound much faster than through air, to the ear to can call to the distant sound of the slightest movement, sleeping dogs wake up. So, in the event before the earthquake, when people are not what a dog, often with a sound and agitated, kept jumping at.

    Cattle and sheep. The mouths of the sleeping cows and sheep are always chewing. In the past, they didn't chew enough when they were eating grass during the day, so when they were sleeping at night, they could chew them again and then swallow them in the stomach. This phenomenon is called ruminating.

    Mandarin Duck。 They are regarded as symbols of love, and they are very loving between "couples". During the daytime they together, to go to bed at night, the male right left masked female, the female is in the left right concealed male, described as "Tongzhengongmian".


    It's not a simple thing to say to kill animals. Because on the earth, there are many kinds of animals, the number is amazing, and some animals have very strong reproductive capacity. So, to get rid of all the animals quickly, we must rely on skills.

    There is a kind of higher animal on the earth, called human. It's no exaggeration to say that they are "the king of animal killers". It is no longer a dream to destroy all the animals on the earth as long as we have human beings.

    To eliminate animals, we must first kill and eat. This method is simple, but also can eat. If you can kill some rare animal, grilled skin to sell, will earn eighteen thousand, Why not?? In this respect, human being is the first great man. From ancient times to the present, the ambition has not changed, and the tools are becoming more and more advanced. From stones to cannons, from sticks to rifles, the animals were killed and quickly extinct!

    In order to eliminate animals, it is necessary to start with science and technology. Take the goods, what is the higher animal, have found that rodents are very fertile, and there are a lot of animal feed to rats, they want to kill the rats. "So early". Therefore, some scientists, taking the banner of "scientific research", take a lot of white mice as experimental victims, and disguise the "body structure of mice is very similar to human beings". Moreover, after mastering science and technology, a lot of rat poison, pesticide and mousetrap have been produced to accelerate the eradication of rodents. Mouse disappears, chain will be seriously affected, other animal cannot survive, humans are clever!

    To eliminate animals, we must also start with the environment. Although this method takes a lot of time, the effect is amazing. A prairie or a forest into a desert means the elimination of thousands of animals. Of course, the wise man thought of this. They have cut trees and abused water, which has rapidly increased the area of the earth's desert and also rapidly reduced the species on the earth. Moreover, human beings also use vehicle exhaust to cause acid rain. This acid rain is very effective for eliminating fish, and it can kill other animals and plants by the way.

    The task of eradication of animals is a long way to go. Fortunately, there is a clever human being, believing that in the unremitting efforts of human beings, the eradication of animals will eventually become a reality.

    See here you may ask: How did the human be eliminated? Isn't human being an animal? Well, you can feel relieved. When human beings have destroyed other animals, the doomsday of human beings is here!

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