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  • 关于写人物的英语学生作文

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    In people’s daily life, there are various recreational activities apart from studying or working ranging from Karaoke or dancing to computer games or sports games.

    Such activities are beneficial as well as harmful to us if undertaken

    inappropriately. On one hand, recreational activities can help us to not only build our body and mind but also improve our communication and

    understanding with friends because most of these activities are done with others. On the other hand, if we spend too much time on singing, dancing or other games, we might fail to concentrate on our duties such as studying our working, which in turn may lead to further consequences.

    As far as I’m concerned, recreational activities should be done within a certain limit so that we can keep a proper balance between recreation and studying or working life.


    My English teacher is a woman of medium-height. She is in her thirties. She always has a smile on her face and a kind word for her students. As she is also a little plump, she gives people the impression that she is a patient, responsible and easygoing teacher.

    This picture of my teacher is true. She devotes herself to the cause of education. She prepares and organizes her lessons so well that we are fully attentive in her class. After class she often gives lessons to the students who have been absent from school because of illness. With her help we have become more and more interested in our English study.

    Whenever we have problems we will turn to her for help. As a matter of fact, she is more an intimate friend to us than a respected teacher. We have learnt a great deal from her devotion to her work, her conscientiousness in teaching, and her readiness to help others.


    Sep 7, 2011

    It is my great honor to interview Flor and introduce her to you all. She is a charming and expressive girl with brightly voluminous eyes, which always sparkle with wisdom. Besides, she has a pretty name, Flor Alba Rocha Vorgas. Flor is the short form of flower in her native language, and Alba means sunrise while Rocha Vorgas is a combination of her father’s and mother’s family name. Meanwhile, Flor speaks Spanish as her native language and she is capable of speaking French and English as well. Coming from Bogota, the capital of Colombia, she regards Monserrate, located on the peak of a small mountain, as her favorite part about her home city. According to what she describes, the mountain where Monserrate is situated lies on the east of Bogota, and it takes you approximately an hour to climb from the foot to the top while just around fifteen minutes to get there by cableway. Moreover, there is no denying the fact that you are bond to fulfill your eyesight with the amazing overlook of the whole city as long as you stand there.

    When it comes to her own experience, she takes pride in graduating from one of the best law schools in Colombia. I am sure that Flor has been an assiduous and sagacious student in her school, because she is so outstanding that starts to work as a lawyer just three months after graduation, doing some research for the government on the Internet. Currently, she is studying English in New York, renting house from a Colombian family in East Elmhurst with her roommate. As a result of being an only child in her traditional family, Flor has been cherished as the most valuable treasure in the solar system all the time, which somewhat limits her independence. Thus, she is dying for the opportunity to live alone, and, in fact, she has succeeded in proving herself nowadays as she is able to pay for herself via becoming a part-time seller. With the aim of managing the Master Degree in US after accomplishing learning language, she also has a great number of further plans for the future, such as returning to Colombia and teaching in a law school. Ridiculously, however, becoming a pianist and a ballet dancer was once her childhood ambition, but it never comes true.

    Furthermore, Flor possesses a large variety of interests, among which watching movies may be the most attractive event to her. With an affinity for films like dramas, documental ones and European ones, she even sets a record of seeing a movie every other day! As far as she is concerned, her grandmother is the hero in her heart due to her strong mind. What’s more, the fondest memory in her perspective is the happy life with her grandmother. All of a sudden, it occurs to me that when I was a little child, my grandmother always did her utmost to encourage me and exalted my every single merit. Last but not least, I believe that she is the most unforgettable woman I have ever known. In addition, I think it certain for you to fall in love with her, Flor. th

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