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  • 你觉得交往能改善人际的关系吗高考英语作文

    2020-09-26 10:40 admin


    communication between people is of utmost importance. the importance cannot be stressed too much.

    it is said in the bible that once upon a time, humans communicated with each other in one language. so they attempted to build the babel tower to communicate with god, only to find such dream was a castle in the air. in the aftermath, humans were trapped into troubles due to the misunderstandings between them. the jealous god plunged us into such bitterness. even now, people with different races and religions are dragged into endless wars. people are crying and dying! such consequences are rooted deeply in the lack of communication. therefore, lack of communication will lead to perish of human beings.on the contrary, mutual understanding can be well-established between people if we communicate with each other. that is, the rapport between two countries will be strengthened and the misunderstanding will be reduced if there is a dialogue channel. likewise, friends can become closer if they argue with each other. no one likes to but it is necessary to be healthy. arguments between people are a way of communication, by which we can find a solution to the conflictions between us. consequently, we promote the mutual understanding.

    to conclude, through communication, mutual understanding can be promoted and fostered between people with difference races, religions, sex and ideologies. one way is to argue (not totally means quarrels) during the communication to clarify the different views. lack of communication will surely lead to perish of mankind.

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