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    中考英语作文范文精选:Weekend Activities

    2020-09-24 10:41 admin

    中考英语作文范文精选:Weekend Activities

    Gina对班上同学的`周末活动进行调查后得出的结果,同学们的周末活动真是丰富多彩推广普通话作文,想想你和你的同学是如何度过周末的?写一篇名为Weekend Activities的文章谈谈你们的周末活动。



    2. 短文中请勿使用真实姓名、地点或所在学校名称;

    1. 词数6080;


    Weekend Activities

    In my class,most of my classmates have colorful weekends. In the morning, we usually study at home. In the afternoon, some of us play sports, some play computer games with friends online, others visit their friends and enjoy staying with them. I like surfing the internet on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday morning, I usually play basketball with my father. That is my favourite time. Girls always like hanging out and going shopping with their friends on Sunday. We are very relaxed on weekends.

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