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  • 高考英语作文:志愿者申请书

    2020-09-16 09:48 admin



    书面表达: 假设你的名字是李华六一儿童节作文,亚洲冬季运动会将在你居住的地方举办,现招募志愿者。你希望成为志愿者。申请信的格式已经写好了六一儿童节作文,你直接写内容就可以。你的个人情况:年龄性别学历作文六一儿童节作文,个人条件。英语好,爱好体育,擅长交际,乐于助人。承诺提供最佳服务。字数100左右。


    I was quite excited when I heard the Asian Winter Games will be held in the city I live. My name is Li Hua. I am an 18-year-old boy student in a senior middle school. And I want to be a volunteer for the games. I like English and sports very much. I like making friends and I am ready to help others. I can be a good interpreter in every sports during the time. Hope the games will be a great success. Hope I will be chosen to be one. Thanks.

    Li Hua


    招募志愿者(Volunteers Needed)

    A voluntary activity in the summer vacation will be organized by the University Students Union. The Student Union will open free English classes for the youngsters in S.O.S Children’s Village.

    The classes will last for a week. Currently, we will recruit 5 volunteers to work as English teachers. The volunteers are requested to speak fluent English. Those with English teaching experience are preferable. Besides the English skills, we expect the volunteers to be patient, open-minded with a loving heart. The Children’s Village will provide the volunteers with three meals a day and transportation from and to the university during the class days.

    Those who are interested in taking part in the activity, please send your resume to the email address studentunion@bju.edu before June 30th. The office of the Student Union will contact the chosen candidates for an interview before July 10th.

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