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  • 冬天的特点英语作文

    2020-09-16 09:48 admin




    Winter is the world of white. After each flutters the snow on the road, roof, window, lawn, crown … … all the white snow. Standing on a tall building, looking at it, only the white and flawless snow. On the road, pedestrians are white, light light through the fog like snow, a pale orange “ luminous, ” these are winter girl! Winter girls like white, so winter is the world of white.

    Winter is a world of joy. After a snowfall, the children all ran out. Some picked up some snow and put it into a snowball, just listening to “ hey &rdquo, a snowball had fallen on the other child. Some of the snow rolled into a small snowball, then rolled a big snowball, put the ball in the snow snowball press, found some buttons, branches, carrot, drum, to make a snowman respectively eyes, hands and nose and hat. There were children on the white snow to draw … … children's laughter everywhere. Winter girls like happy laughter, so winter is a happy world.

    Winter is also the world of pine and plum blossom. A field of heavy snow, can not pour down the height of the pine, a cold wind, not to beat the strength of the plum blossom. In this season, it is the life of the pine to the earth. It is the beauty and fragrance of the world. Winter girls like their strong, so, the winter is the world of pine and plum.

    I love winter! In my eyes, in my heart, whether it is a new spring, hot summer, or harvest autumn, than the lovely winter!


    Shidao is located on the coast of the Yellow Sea. It is warm in winter and cool in summer and pleasant in four seasons. Shidao is affected by the monsoon climate, the severe cold, cold, cold, cold and cold, and warm and pleasant.

    A cold winter, a high cold rolling anxious days, the wind rolled up the snow all over the sky. At that time, the land of snow. West Shidao mountain cengluan, ups and downs, like a snake. On both sides of the road are gorgeous trees. The East China Sea Waves surge, stirred up thousand heaps of snow; ships to harbor. The whole city is a strong-minded.it figure clean.

    A cold, Yan Jiao Yang yanzhao, warm weather; ice receded gradually become strong, soft water, water vapor into the warm air, warm and humid air, people relaxed and comfortable, Mountain Dew gradually mottled green. On both sides of the road back to show the life of gorgeous trees, green. The sea was as calm as a mirror and open the broad and warm mind. Yu Zi full of Lenin riding Feizhou, racing toward the embrace of the sea. Everything moves lightly in warmth and melting.

    The winter in Shidao is warm and pleasant, a flourishing scene of exultation.


    Winter is full of vigour and vitality. She awakens everything. The summer is full of vitality, she adorned everything; autumn is shy and shy, she dyed the woods; winter is cold and depressed, making everything desert. The vitality of human beings is incisively and vividly lined by the cold and cold winter of the winter.

    Look! People are not listless because of the cold winter, and they shrink in the quilt all day. People's work is still going on, and it's going on regularly, and everyone seems more spiritual.

    Street people coming and going, everyone is fresh and did not succumb to the cold winter depression. Some vendors shouted in a continuous line. As one falls, another rises. People can also see the streams of people busily coming and going big warm stove, hot tea eggs, corn … … all this will make people feel cool?

    Winter is very beautiful, most people express their emotions or snow when he. The snow is white, flawless, she doesn't need any &ldquo package; ”, she displayed the beauty is simple, but brings unlimited reverie is … … everything in against the snow, all seem so simple and clear, see all of this, no one impressed by her beauty, is to let people he wrote many of the Psalms … …

    Recall that last year's snow days, all shrouded in white, glistening snowflakes fluttering triumphantly onto the earth, playfully caressing your face, let you feel the happiness of the cool .


    In the winter, go far away, take the loneliness and take the sunshine. The single color of the road - yellow, far too close, no one is in a hurry. The wind caressed the bleak or astringent, rain before the first winter humming a song, no green leaves and flowers in the song, the edge of the tooth with Bacillus subtilis tug of yearning heart, sorrow. The garden in the spring, the new bud of the green, people like it. Ask me why I came to see the garden in winter, and I didn't answer. The fallen leaves in the dead branches, the beauty in their grief, is very simple. They are very pure. I like this kind of beauty, which will wither away far away. That's the song in winter. Why wait for the coming of spring, the warmest winter in this winter?

    The slender branches did not leave the leaves, and now the mountains were hazy, deeper and farther, even the water of the pond was quiet. The high grass pool bent light dial surface skeleton in memory, some does not touch the water, still hope in the cold wind.

    The people in the garden say spring again, then the most beautiful. I know, when the garden of flowers, is charming, praise words everywhere. But I think there is no lyrics in the sad song, only the silent struggle in this winter. I say this kind of garden, fine, very simple, I see very clearly, don't need spring Limeide word. This is a feeling, the road is more natural and will look back, but also the experience of life.

    People are going to love the spring, winter is actually the beginning and summary will have looked up at the moon, looking down and think of home.

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