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  • 简爱英语优秀读后感300字

    2020-09-16 09:48 admin


    i don’t know what others feel, but frankly speaking, i would rather regard the section that jane began her teaching job in thornfield as the film’s end----especially when i heard jane’s words “never in my life have i been awaken so happily.” for one thing, this ideal and brand-new beginning of life was what jane had been imagining for long as a suffering person; for another, this should be what the audiences with my views hoped her to get. but the professional judgment of producing films reminded me to wait for a totally different result: there must be something wrong coming with the excellence----perhaps not only should another section be added to enrich the story, but also we may see from the next transition of jane’s life that “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you would get.”

    秋游作文 the 小学写人作文 满分中考作文
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